When Ben Gulak started participating in science fairs as a young boy, he had no idea that it would shape his future. After winning some prizes and attracting international attention with the inventions he brought to the fairs, Ben decided that he would deviate from the proscribed path of higher education and take some time to follow his passions. It was risky business, but his determination to succeed worked in his favor.

Before his 21st birthday, he had already developed two highly acclaimed prototypes. The UNO, a one-wheeled, zero-emissions motorcycle, garnered international attention, landing him on the cover of Popular Science magazine and providing the base for the creation of his company, BPG Werks.

The DTV Shredder, an extreme all-terrain vehicle, is his company’s first production vehicle. It is no surprise that he has won numerous awards and accolades, including Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 and Popular Science’s Invention of the Year in 2008. Ben believes his story can inspire others, and so he has taken the time to participate in science fairs and speak at schools in the hopes of getting more kids interested in science. He has also inspired adults in his speeches at TED 10, IdeaCity 09 and 12, Intel, and numerous TEDx Events.

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  • As an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur, Ben is a sought after speaker at colleges, corporations, associations, conferences and media events for his insights on technology, engineering and innovative business ideas. From how “Green” vehicles can be cool and still combat the global pollution problem to attracting young people to science through the entrepreneurial tangent, Ben’s talks have educated and inspired audiences worldwide. Book Now